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We have student category violin instruments that support the school music program. They're well selected with the most economical price with great quality to fit into the need of beginninger students mostly doing their violin class in a none-music school.

The intermediate level violin is good for students who are more serious about violin playing, mostly are taking private lessons or going to formal music programs. We have instruments that nicely satisfy these players with very consistent quality. These instruments are all handcrafted.

Conservatory & professional category: we have instrument with great tone quality and workmanship for people who have been serious about violin learning and playing for several years. These violins are individually selected and tested. They are handcraft with naturally dried European wood - spruce and maple.

We carry carefully selected Gill master model violin with retail price over $10,000.00

Other master level violins from Italian makers, may be quoted based on the current violins in hand.

In recent years, there has been superb violins being made by a few recognized Chinese master violin makers, who have won numerous top prizes in the international violin competition. Violins from these makers are also available upon request. Please call for more information or recommendation.

More detailed information to be updated. Please call for more information or to make an appointment.

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