Music Studio

Founded by professional violinist Leonard Don. Liu, who possesses years of performing and teaching experience, QDString Music Studio is dedicated to the music education of students of all ages who love music and the art of classical violin performing.

Lesson: All lessons are conducted individually to maximize each student’s potential and enable him or her to learn effectively and grow professionally at a faster pace. Lessons are taught through a combination of technique training, music theory, sight-reading and repertoire study and performing.

Performing: All students will participate in regular recitals with opportunities to play with master musicians or professionally trained advanced pianists to gain experience and enjoy the art of music performing

Enjoyment: One of QDString’s targets is to share with its students the love and enjoyment of music. We understand that students have important academic and other extracurricular responsibilities beside music study. While the studio, through its teaching, emphasizes diligent work habit and adequate practice approaches, the studio encourages students to participate in other activities to be all rounded students. Love music, enjoy music and enjoy life.

Tuition: Tuition varies according to the duration of lesson and level of study. The lesson time ranges from 30, 45 to 60 minutes. We encourage students who have demonstrated an adequate level of concentration, including students of young age, to take 45 min or longer lessons, which are more productive and more effective, compared to fragmented short lessons. Please call to find out the rate for a specific lesson arrangement.

Instrument: QDString Music Studio has professionally selected violin instruments as well as viola and cello that suite students’ needs with purchase, rent or rent-to-own programs.

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