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The SIR (Start-It-Right) program is a music instrument rental combined with a rent-to-own program. QDString selects high quality student violins, violas and cellos with the lowest possible cost to students for rental, so that students can enjoy the real taste of the instruments right at start of their music instrument experience. Since these instruments are all brand new, QDString has the rent-to-own program that goes with the rental. Every penny you spend on your instrument rental in the first three months can be credited towards the purchase of the very same rental instrument in your possession. Better yet, if you make your decision within a defined six months, QDString will discount the already very competitive price of the instrument you're renting, at the time of your purchase. If you decieded to purchase a different instrument, you can do so with the credit you earned from rental towards your purchase within three months.

Why is SIR program different from other music instrument rental program? As a violin teacher, the QDString business director has seen the frustration some violin students have experienced with their instruments. These very fine students started their violin playing with cheap junky music instruments. Consequently, the way they understood and felt about the music instruments was very wrong. They had a poor concept of the beautiful sound that could be produced by the instrument. The perception is very often keeping these young students from having the drive to pursue further, and many were driven away by the terrible sound.

QDString is now providing high quality music instruments with the best workable program at the most affordable price to these precious students. By starting it right, the parents are investing for the bright future of these children at their immeasurably precious age. QDString is proud to be part of it and be able to assist you to reach this ultimate goal.

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